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Restaurants in the sky/Cocktails in the clouds

  • Hazel Butterfield
  • 09 August 2018

I have a few things that I get very excited about, but undeniably, tall buildings are really big on my list. It's a rarity that I go to a city/country and not go up any of the buildings on the Tallest Buildings List. In fact they don't even have to be on the list, a good view and a cocktail oppo and that's me sold. There's just something about being up there and watching the world below from a unique birdseye view, taking in the vastness of city skylines, the squillions of windows, buildings mid-construction, all of it. I love it.

Restaurants in the sky/Cocktails in the clouds


I love the fact that you can't even go up some of these towers unless you are booked into their cocktail bar. In fact, when in Boston a few years back, the viewing deck at the Prudential Building had just closed, the only way to get up was to go to the cocktail bar which was a floor above it AND a cocktail was cheaper than the observation deck ticket. Result. Well, it would have been if I had stayed for just the one.


The Shard in London, specifically Aqua - I loved it. I'm still holding out for The Shangri-La Champagne Bar, ahem... Centre Point off Oxford Street was probably one of the best meals and unique cocktails combo, nice restaurant vibe but also sociable and more romantic spots for the pre or post tipple. The Sky Garden off Fenchurch Street has quite simply the best atrium and 360 views. Be warned, the bar service is shockingly slow but their restaurant, The Darwin Brasserie, is excellent if you have a few hundred quid to spare. Vertigo 42 is disappointing, overpriced, characterless and limited in the menu department. But what is not to like about the Heron Tower, The Duck and Waffle cocktail's are unbelievable (the food is smashing too) - quite frankly I thought Bloody Mary's were pointless until my 'research trip' here. Sushi Samba in the same building, the floor below the aforementioned (I didn't go on the same day, that would be ridiculous), what a treat. Unique, tasty food, in a lush setting - this is the one, in my opinion, to do with friends not just a romantic meal. Spread and share the love. One thing they all have in common is inflated pricing, but sometimes its more justifiable.


In other countries, I've been up the Seattle Needle (there's another tall tower that is accessible to the public is Seattle - I've been up that too), The Empire State Building, The Petronas Towers, The Chrysler Building, The Tower of The Americas in San Antonio, The Skydeck in Ho Chi Minh City. In Australia, The Realto Tower (Melbourne) The Sydney Tower Ob Deck and the Telstra Tower in Canberra. The Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Obvs the Eiffel Tower too, that's just standard. Typically of Parisian style, La Jules Verne is definitely the most expensive and the most exquisite culinary experience in the sky... Find out more info on my trip to Paris here.  There are a few more too.



Not surpisingly, my son has also inherited my love of heights and when we struggled to get an invite up the Gherkin we stumbled across a charity event that involved gaining sponsorship and climbing up the stairs (this is not easy), but we raised a shed load of dosh and got up there. That's multitasking.



Where there is a will there is a way!

I have a lot to tick off but it is a great way to help you choose your holidays. Next stop, Shanghai.


World's Tallest Buildings