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2017 is now well and truly underway. TFI2017!

  • Hazel Butterfield
  • 05 January 2017

How's it working out for you? I hope it's overflowing with feel good - healthy changes mixed in with just enough bad to keep you sane and human, fun moments to look forward to, positive plans and a terrific dose of crazy.

2017 is now well and truly underway. TFI2017!

There was definitely some crappy parts of 2016, but I still think the good outweighs the bat shit crazy. I know I was lucky enough to be surrounded by great friends (both old & new), adventurous holidays, exciting work oppos and delicious food/cocktails (this is hugely important). Let's focus on what was good and park the rest.

Despite Eastenders really trying to bum us out on New Years Day (RIP Ronnie & Roxy.. why why why?!) I still have high hopes for this year. Yes there are some already crazy elements of 2017 to be cautious of; President Elect Trump taking office, our continuing pants down media that likes to sensationalise anything from the mundane to the quite frankly highly sensitive occurances everywhere, for their financial gain.... Oh and my house renovation project that I'm 99.87% sure will send my OCD into excruciating levels.


Mixed feelings about embracing the News in 2017
A mixture of avoiding the news as its all riddled with moral panic mixed in with doom and gloom and yet needing to be informed. I'm not a child who can get away with ignoring reality, only watching Big Bang Theory reruns and hoping any semblance of current affairs is acquired from loose women (the programme not 'trampy' women I come across). But as I said earlier, it's biased, sensationalised for consumption, distorted and often, downright lies. Misrepresenting facts, cherry picking data to suit a cause or purely just for headlines that make an editor happy.

New Years Resolutions...
... are stupid. Very few people are in a state on the 1st of January to start anything new. If anything, you should gradually introduce something new. January can be long, skint, cold and full of people trying to be sober and having sugar withdrawal symptoms. Think wisely. Mind you, a short lived good intention is better than none at al!!


My willpower is selectively rubbish. I can stick to doing 5 workouts a week no probs, but when I choose too, I can't be dictated too. Giving something up, now that's a tricky one. However, if it's a competition... that I can get onboard with. I need to find a teammate, a worthy comrade. Basically set goals that are attainable and not just whimsical, failure is quite depressing so give yourself a fighting chance. Know what will work for you, without just sticking to your comfort zone.
Maybe state that you can have a glass of wine on an evening if you've done *100 sit ups, or desert only after a workout, this way you're getting the good tasks in and not banning anything. Chances are, after the distraction you may no longer want it (occasionally).


However, newsflash from a show aired on Tuesday 3rd January - 'How to lose weight well'. One of their best snippets of advice from exploring a multitude of diets, fads and theories was that the most successful practice to adopt is to chew your food, preferably 30 times a mouthful. The best bit about it - it's free, safe and easy to do.


Other 'goals' for 2017

* I do plan to not busy myself with inane tasks that distract me from doing what I should be doing.

* I also pledge to not obsess over people who do not matter.

* To embrace the crazy and be positive about it.


I would say that I plan on spending less time on my phone to experience the here and now, but I feel we're getting to know each other and lying to you doesn't sit well with me.


If you haven't got something to look forward to, create something. What are you going to do this year that is different to the other years?

Hey, before we know it we'll have summer fashion (& diets) to look forward to!

My vague health goals for 2017.

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