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Who's braved it and got through Dry January?

  • Hazel Butterfield
  • 27 January 2016

Personally, mine has been a rather wet one. But with the amount of birthday's I have to contend with (including my own), it is never an option. But so many people were doing it this year. It's getting so popular. Is it just the most do-able option for attempting to lose the Christmas seasons' winter layer or are we becoming more health conscious?

Who's braved it and got through Dry January?

I'm working on my look of utter confusement when one of my fellow Fizz Friday lot break the news of their 'predicament'. I was unable to hide the look of horror when told by one of them that they had cut out sugar and processed food as well. Mind you, without a hangover to deal with, these items aren't as necessary. I'm seeing a theme.

I'm all about everything in moderation, if I know there is a good chance I will be abusing my liver, I will pre-make the super green smoothie for the next day and hammer the workouts just before. This is when it's good having my activity tracker so that when I'm feeling like my night may rival Holly Willoughby's at the NTA's, I can plug it in and remind myself that I had put good behaviour 'in the bank'.

But there are just so many people taking it further and further. I get that clean living is good for you. Nobody ever died from staying off the booze or hitting Wholefoods instead of MacDonald's. In fact, I do eat quite well, I cook fresh and always have more than my 6 a day or whatever the new guidelines are on fruit and veg consumption. But if I fancy a KFC or a takeaway pizza every now and again - there are worse things in life right? I workout 5 times a week, 6 if you class my once a week OCD cleaning binge. I have a curry once a week which us basically a detox.

Then there is the latest programme, Sugar Free Farm on ITV . Another celebrity fad program where C and D grade celebs try and bulk up their diary. In this programme they have to go sugar free, do manual 'farm' work and take it in turns to concoct delicious sugar free meals for each other.
Sugar Free Farm

Even Michael Caine on Wossy recently was saying that he'd gone all LA and cut out sugar from his diet, less booze (or was it no booze, hmm...). I kind of get it. Sugar is responsible for mood swings, emotional issues and obviously fat. But I can't get my head around giving it up completely. Mind you, I doubt some people understand my chicken eating vegetarianism.

Shouldn't a healthy diet consist of a balance of a variety of elements? There are a multitude of reports waxing lyrical about dark chocolate and red wine...

It's good to find ways to break a habit, the bingeing - like cold turkey. There's having a challenge and then there's.... Let's be honest, I'm jealous. Jealous that I couldn't do it, but also hugely impressed at my ability to create excuses not to.