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Psychodynamics, Cyber crime, Narcissism & Pulling Yourself Together, Man

  • Hazel Butterfield
  • 23 March 2023

“My alma mater was books, a good library…. I could spend the rest of my life reading, just satisfying my curiosity.” - Malcolm X

Psychodynamics, Cyber crime, Narcissism & Pulling Yourself Together, Man


 All That We Are - Gabriella Braun 

How the similarities of work situations can replicate issues we struggle with and bat against in our personal life. Especially inherent issues from childhood that are hard to decipher.

Our trauma has many unconscious outlets. As managers or company owners, the responsibility to succeed and care for our employees is immense. Blame gets thrown about to express our many worries for ourselves and each other. We need to learn to unpack and communicate. Most of us just want to feel heard, appreciated and excel in whatever way we choose that is. Helplessness is destructive.



Twenty-Twenty Hindsight (A Luke Frankland Novel Book 3) – Tim Hind

I do love a dry sense of humour with my cyber crime. It definitely helps as there is a lot to keep up with but you do feel like you are gaining knowledge as the drama unfolds. 20 20 hindsight covers all manner of issues from loneliness, espionage, challenging marital dynamics and coping mechanisms to the intricacies of cyber intelligence. Naturally. Luke Frankland the main character, takes it all on the chin with a huge slog a gin and copious amounts of wine to keep life palatable or smooth the edges off.

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Spider - Azma Dar

Publication Date: 11/04/2023

Yes, many marriages do have secrets, some secrets must be kept to avoid a relationship imploding. But it’s not always a great basis for the trust required to have a solid relationship. And once you have one secret, others follow.  Oh the webs we weave…

Sophie, the main character in this book is an addictive character, but predominantly for the wrong reasons. Narcissistic, self involved, self serving – quick to anger. All traits not hugely accepted in a Pakistani culture, especially of a woman and more importantly of a wife. Accidents happen, reputations need to be saved/restored, rules need to be adhered to and bribes unfortunately sometimes just need to be paid.

Azma Dar has such an enthralling way of writing characters and nuance that I felt like a blinked and the book was finished.

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Pull Yourself Together, Man – Philip Eley 

This book has a great level combination of advice, humour, reality, honesty and a genuine desire to help. This is also not a book solely for men, it is for all of us. As the book states, no man or woman solely have traits stipulated for each gender. We are ALL different. We all can do with understanding more about each other and learning alternative ways of dealing and managing our mental health, so we can help our partners, brother, sons and even your neighbour. Honestly, anyone.

More, more, more.

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