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Drained? Join the non-exclusive club

  • Hazel Butterfield
  • 05 May 2022

It is no great secret that we get drained, nor is it purely a select few. Being drained or frazzled affects some people more than others, but quite frankly, some just have more tried and tested coping methods. Behind the deliciously annoying woman who looks 'together' is a control freak who is probably managing their 'Frazzledom' down to the last process and to-do list.

Drained? Join the non-exclusive club


Frazzled Days...

You know when you just have one of those days? Whatever can go wrong, does. The most ridiculous occurrences find their way into your arena. But often when it starts bad, it only goes further south. Maybe the annoyance and grumpiness in our brain then affects our ability to perform simple tasks, like conversation, a competent trail of thought and walking past a table without digging it into your thigh. Or those conversations where you lose your thread of where you were headed and rather than admitting your situation you plod along regardless in the vain hope that your inane ramblings will make sense or bring you back around on track.

How do you deal with them? Hibernate? Laugh hysterically? Lashings of wine or find an annoying cold caller to take it out on? Sometimes it really can be helpful to receive their call.

Maybe you are one of those people that can recognise the day's errant path and therefore you whip out your trusty mindfulness app and bish bash bosh, normality will resume in 20 mins. Right?

What we/I need is a pause switch. The kids running toward you just as you were about to make a great point to a friend. Pause. That ridiculously good idea that has to be written down, oh crap, your thought processing functionality goes off on a tangent, rendering said idea lost in the abyss. Pause that bloody crazy head! Morning alarm. Pause. The kids/dog/man-thing being delicious, pause. Having a great catch-up with people you can relax with... Just give me that remote control. There's always something to be doing and if there isn't, we're panicking that we've forgotten something important.

Drained and mentally somewhere else all of the time. Not having the time or brain capacity to just be in the moment and actually remember an occasion... Jeez, I’m not even sure where I left my to-do list! Sometimes it’s just really hard to focus, on anything. Yep. Drained.


Now, I guess this is the part where I offer useful advice. So here goes:

My Top 5 De-draining methods:

  1. Go to your happy place. For me it's cooking. Do what chills you out, makes you relax and feel in control.
  2. Make time for friends, the good ones will re-charge you or at least make you giggle. 
  3. Reward yourself for hard work. Downtime is not laziness, it helps you recharge and gear up for your next plethora of tasks.
  4. Partake in martinis, I suggest either Pornstar or Espresso for the most productive and exhilarating affect.
  5. Read my blogs, they're helpful, bloody hilarious and inspiring.

Also, it may be a good book that creates that element of escape, a brain workout, something to relate to. I really do recommend giving it a go.

Yoga also works wonders, once you get over thinking you're just wasting an hour of potential 'get crap done' time. Consider it as a 'speculate to accumulate' scenario. It’s like a ‘Ctrl Alt Del’.


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