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When have you been Courageous?

  • Hazel Butterfield
  • 26 July 2022

When have you been Courageous?

I recently read a book about ‘Breaking The Silence’ by Perry Power in regards to victims of sexual abuse for my book show, Get Booked. The book is incredibly powerful and insightful and in the process of Perry trying to find productive and thoughtful ways for victims to own their narrative and break their silence he has a variety of exercises at the end of various chapters to enable the reader with the tools to be in control of their mind set, focusing on the positive elements of our lives rather than dwelling on the lesser parts and boost their/our self-worth.

While reading this book I was inspired to work through some of the activities myself due to how empowering I thought their potential was.

Simple things we should all be doing often escape us due to overwhelm, overworking and our minds being geared up to look for the negative. This needs to be re-adjusted. My favourite task in this book was to list 10 times we have been courageous, so here are mine:


  1. Moving away to SW London when I was young
  2. Got Married
  3. Got Divorced
  4. Became a radio presenter
  5. Left negative influence friends behind
  6. Travelled solo (multiple times)
  7. Wrote a book and got it published
  8. I blog about real experiences
  9. Jumped out of a plane
  10. I have bungee jumped (horizontally and vertically)


What would yours be..?


Then, there was a section on who you are, and who you want to be. The process of cathartically writing this helping to realise these elements in a form of acknowledgment, and dare is say it, manifestation?! Honestly, give it a whirl. I found it incredibly useful. These are such simple yet affective positive mind set inducing tasks. They’re not taxing, they can be done while having a quick coffee, commuting, bedtime wound down time or while waiting for a friend that is always late!

Do it. Embrace it. Ditch obsessing about the crap you have done, instead focus on the good and moving forward. What you dwell on forms your psyche.