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Q&A with Lizzie Vince - Visibility Expert

  • Hazel Butterfield
  • 17 November 2021

In a time when we are constantly searching for answers, many of us are turning to coaching to help guide us and harness our inner strength and goals. Below I chat to Lizzie Vince, a coach & visibility expert to find out more about what’s involved.

Q&A with Lizzie Vince - Visibility Expert

Why did you get into coaching?

I actually initially started in network marketing, because I really wanted to work myself. Since, my dad and stepdad have always worked for themselves. Network marketing seemed like the PERFECT way to go. A small investment. A generous compensation scheme. And, TONS of support! Fast forward to March 2020, I decided to leave my job as a social media manager. I’d been to a coaching event in December 2019, and so… Decided to pursue coaching. With ALL the personal development I’d learned (the books, podcasts, you name it) through network marketing… Coaching seemed like the PERFECT fit. And, it was. I started as a money coach, helping my clients to manage their money better and develop a healthier relationship with money. And then, moved into business and marketing coaching, as it seemed like the perfect way to incorporate my social media background. I have since pivoted into publicity and visibility coaching, helping my clients to be seen and known in the media (press, TV and radio). It feels SO good to now be able to incorporate my two worlds: coaching and radio.


How would you describe your coaching style?

I’m a pretty direct and honest person, I don’t beat around the bush and my clients like this because they know what to expect. However, I can also be compassionate. No matter if I was a money coach, business coach, or visibility coach… I have ALWAYS helped my clients to navigate through their personal life. Because, it’s all part of one big integrated web after all. To me, there is no divide between the different areas of our lives. They all impact one and another.

And, the more we realise this… The more we’re able to change our reality, should we wish to.


Knowing your go-to ‘feel good’ tool is invaluable. What is yours?

I think it’s important to remember that we can’t always “feel good”, and it’s an unfair expectation to have of ourselves. This is where I now struggle with some of the personal development world, because they encourage to be “high vibe”. We can’t expect ourselves to be happy in a sad situation. The best tool I have is COMPASSION. Compassion is the gateway to emotional evolution. If we can show ourselves compassion, we can navigate through a challenging situation feeling a lot calmer, but also feeling a lot more courageous. Aside from compassion, I love a good ol’ fashioned bath, as well as reading a book (check out Hazel’s recommendations - she’s the BOOK QUEEN!).

I’m also the world’s BIGGEST fan of reality TV, because sometimes we just need to escape reality, from Selling Sunset to Made In Chelsea (yep, some of us still watch that), I’m really not fussy.


What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

You are the creator of your own reality. We can be so quick to pass the blame. When, actually, we have ALL the power within us. If you’re not a fan of manifestation, let me set the record straight… Manifestation is not an intention nor deliberate. It just happens. There’s something called the reticular activating system in the brain, which proves that our thoughts create our reality. I strongly believe that we can have WHATEVER we want. I’ve always been a dreamer who meets NO BOUNDS. So, if you TRULY believed that you could have whatever you wanted, what would you do today?

We want to hear your answers, so add a comment to this blog post below!


A Saturday night in on your own. What are you watching/reading, eating & drinking?

Probably Ugly Betty lol, because that’s what I’ve been watching recently. And funnily enough, Ugly Betty coincides with my point above about DEFYING THE ODDS. Because, Betty is a non-conventional looking girl trying to make it in fashion, and everyone puts her down for her appearance and style. But she KNOWS that she’s an amazing writer, so she puts her head down and gets to work.

These are my FAVOURITE stories - people who have overcome adversity and defied the odds. I watched the Pride Of Britain Awards recently, and one of the winners was a refugee, who had set up a charity to help other refugees to integrate into British society. I would love to, one day, set up a charity to help those who experience adversity (due to race, gender, sexual orientation or origin) to become presenters. I also love an Indian takeaway, or Mexican food (Betty is also Mexican in Ugly Betty, so I clearly have a little bit of an obsession with Mexico lol - Tulum was GORGEOUS!), and I would accompany that with a gin and tonic.


What are the most prominent stumbling blocks you come across with your clients?

Blaming their external circumstances and not taking responsibility themselves. When we take responsibility for our lives, EVERYTHING CHANGES. What we FEEL is what we CREATE. EVERYTHING starts with a thought, which creates a feeling, which creates a behaviour, which creates an action.

So, I want to ask you… What thoughts are you telling yourself? YOU get to decide. Do you want those thoughts to be NEGATIVE or POSITIVE? Nobody is coming to rescue or save you; YOU have the power. The sooner you realise this, the sooner your external circumstances change. And this is when people tell you that you’re ‘lucky’. And you say: “No, I’m not ‘lucky’, I just believed in myself enough to make it happen”. I became a social media manager aged 24 - defying the odds. A 6-figure business owner aged 26 - defying the odds. A radio presenter with no relevant degree and very little experience - defying the odds.

How will you defy the odds? Again, we’d LOVE to hear from you so please do comment below!


Who in the public eye would you love to have the opportunity to coach?

Fearne Cotton FOR SURE! She is my MUSE. I have also battled anxiety and depression in the past, and her book “Happy” practically saved me a few years ago, as well as personal development. Of course, Fearne was also a very successful presenter, and now has a hugely successful podcast. One day, I would love to follow in similar footsteps… Building a platform, through presenting, to then be able to change the world in a positive way.

It’s REALLY important for me to have purpose and meaning in my life, and not just do something for the sake of it, nor for fame, nor money. I want to develop a platform that can be used as a FORCE FOR GOOD.


What are your 3 favourite tips on achieving good mental well-being?

ALWAYS put yourself first - this might sound selfish but that’s just what we call a “limiting belief” in the coaching world. Remind yourself how incredible and worthy you are EVERY SINGLE DAY - whether that be journaling or affirmations. Spend as much time doing what you LOVE (this is underrated) - whether it be getting out in nature, meeting friends for coffee, buying yourself flowers, doing your favourite workout, watching your favourite show on Netflix, reading your favourite book etc.

To take this a step further…

The feelings that you get from doing what you love (fulfilment, joy, pleasure, passion, and excitement), gets to start from within. So then, you don’t even need the external circumstances to feel good. You just… FEEL GOOD NO MATTER WHAT! If you’re searching for this feeling from OUTSIDE of yourself, you will ALWAYS be filling a void. If a feeling is created WITHIN you, it can never be removed or destroyed. It is EVER PRESENT.

So, close your eyes and feel the feelings of: fulfilment, joy, pleasure, passion, and excitement. How does it feel in your body? Light, free, expansive, calm, peaceful, buzzing, like butterflies? You get to feel these feelings whenever the heck you like! You don’t need a person, a circumstance, a thing, toufeel this. You get to feel this right NOW.

And, that, ladies and gentlemen is… TRUE INNER POWER.

Finally, do you have any advice for anyone wanting to get coaching and how best to choose who is right for them?

Coaching is the most fulfilling, meaningful and purposeful job I have EVER done! I couldn’t be MORE grateful for my business. If you’re looking to pursue coaching, or even hire a coach, such as myself for publicity and visibility (if you’re already a business owner or even an influencer)…


Please do message Lizzie on IG, FB or LI.