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Get Booked: Get To Know Your Authors

  • Hazel Butterfield
  • 07 April 2021

Talking to authors, chatting about anything and everything books related and all the joy, enlightenment and escape that good books can provide. Sit back and let us entertain you with a different author each week sharing who they are, what they do and what inspires them.

Get Booked: Get To Know Your Authors

Reading and a rekindled love of books has sky rocketed through this pandemic, whether it for escape, in search of entertainment, learning or finally having the time to plough through the TBR’s. Audible gives us the voice in our ear while we’re cooking, hiding from the kids or on our many exercise walks and here at ‘Get Booked’ for Women’s and Men’s Radio Station we love talking to authors about the books they’ve written. Going into detail about the topics covered, the mental health and wellbeing elements, giving you the extra special insight into a different book and the author each week. 

Here are a few of my latest shows:

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