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SEND Me The Wine - Why?

  • Hazel Butterfield
  • 06 March 2020

When should wine not be involved, you may ask. However, in this case it’s in regards to chatting about Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.

SEND Me The Wine - Why?

Myself and a good friend Michelle, a SEND trustee, mum and all round good egg, decided to start a podcast using Michelle’s experience being a mum of 9 year old ‘Firecracker’ Jack who she has battled many a hurdle getting him what he deserves in regards to SEND provisions and living his best life. And me, because I’m a bit gobby and like a good ol’ chinwag.

The theory and goal of ‘SEND Me The Winek being that in each episode we talk about a particular topic (see below) over a bottle of wine. Hoping that you’ll join us and in listen in on an evening. Be entertained, benefit from Michelle’s experience and my prying questions, and share the journey.

There are various guests from SEND advocate blogger Rainbows are too beautiful to Michelle’s needy labrador, and evening Jack makes the odd appearance!



We’re looking forward to a new (and slightly more professional) season, with some incredible guests lined up so do follow us on twitter and Soundcloud to keep up to date. Please do keep your topic suggestions coming in either via twitter or to hazel@hazelbutterfield.com