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How do we slow down?

  • Hazel Butterfield
  • 14 November 2019

So many of us are going through life in a haze, multi-tasking, to-do lists, battling time management, and trying to find a balance. Not feeling like we’re finding it; it’s a mystical concept.

How do we slow down?

I’m constantly faced with this dilemma. Keeping on top of what’s going on in all areas with my children, family, friends, my own sanity. Writing the next blog, keeping up with social media (such is a requirement of my job), housework, financials, not letting life pass me by. Reading books for my ‘Get Booked’ show, editing shows/podcasts, booking guests, exercise, self care. The list goes on...

Even while having acupuncture recently, I was panicking about how wasted my time potentially was while I was laying there. I could have been reading, responding to messages/emails, anything. Doing just one thing wasn’t enough. It made me anxious.

I’ve also recently embarked on hypnosis as a therapy, which incorporates meditation as part of the treatment. Predominantly it’s to help with negative thought patterns that I keep on getting stuck with after a few crappy situations in my life I’ve found myself in. I put it off thinking I didn’t have the time or money, but ultimately in all honesty the issue was taking up more time than was acceptable and created a psyche that I couldn’t afford to allow to remain.

However, as I started my treatment which initially focused more on meditation and mindfulness, following the session, I was shocked to see in my calmer state what I was able to notice. For one, I actually noticed my bathroom light fitting for the first ever time. This sounds ridiculous and trivial, but how on earth had I got so busy that I’d never noticed what it looked like (I currently live in a rented home so it wasn’t like I’d chosen it!). Head buried in my phone, hurrying, clipping my nails at the same time(!), whatever.

This really brought it home for me, the concept of how interesting it is the lack of time we have to just be. Time to notice what is actually going on around you, to take on board conversations and not being constantly on autopilot.

But we are knackered. A mixture of wanting to have it all, do it all, FOMO, guilt, bloody Instagram...! We are all different, different support systems, energy levels, dreams, finances and family requirements. We need to stop our comparative state and understand that no 2 situations are the same. Don’t spend your time comparing yourself to others and their achievements/lifestyle. You are not them, your are you and that is unique and amazing.

I don’t have the answer. Not for you anyway, I’m barely managing it myself! But if you take the time to really understand what’s important, how you may need to ‘speculate to accumulate’ - understand your priorities and how you function best. That’s got to be worth a try, right?

I’ve decided after reading Kay Hutchison’s ‘My Life in 37 Therapies’ - I need/would like to attend the Fuck It Retreat in Italy! I’ll go from there...

Don’t let life pass you by while you’re busy making plans.


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