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Apparently listening to your breathing for 12 minutes on a morning can improve your day.

  • Hazel Butterfield
  • 16 October 2017

So I thought I'd give it a go, what else do I have to do?!

Apparently listening to your breathing for 12 minutes on a morning can improve your day.

The theory is, when you wake up and before the busy day runs away with you, you lay in bed and listen to your breathing in a sort of meditative state. It can lead to "changes in the brain" and "you'll feel calmer and more positive all day which will impact on your health". Sounds good to me, I'm in. So I give it a go.

I start, but stop within 30 seconds as I realise I'm counting and I need to try and clear my mind. So I set a 12 min alarm on my phone. Now I really am good to go. Evidently if you realise your mind is wondering, don't panic, just stop your trail of thought and get back to the 'breath listening'.

I start (again). One of the great things about meditation is that it gives you headspace. While you're not rushing around it gives you chance to catch up with what's going on in there. That can be scary. Maybe that's why we like being so busy and jam-packing our life with anything and everything. First up, I realise I must remember to put green smoothies on the Tesco shop, because I broke my juicer yesterday. I made a mental note to remember when the alarm goes off. Also, I don't really like the plant in the window, I need to move it - when I'm done. I decide to close my eyes so I don't get distracted. I am just listening to my breathing...

The dog is cuddled up at my feet which is really delicious and relaxing. I wonder if her Instagram pic from last night hit any likes overnight? Stop it Hazel. 12 minutes isn't actually that long, think about that stuff later.

My phone makes that sound which alerts me that something has happened on Facebook. Ooh, I must remember next time the kids are in the bath to have a good old session responding to notifications and messages. Make use of the time, it's quite cathartic. But not now obvs.

My neck's hurting, I've slept with too many pillows again. I can't afford another massage, ooh that reminds me, I need to put that bikini (that I've never worn because it doesn't suit my body shape) on eBay. How many is that? Right, if I just remember the no. 4, I'll know I have 4 things to remember to do when I finished breathing. At least I've got a good productive list forming, bravo me.

Crap. I haven't checked in ages whether that dodgy hair on my chin has grown back enough to need plucking. Gross. Right, that's 5 things I need to remember. Just to recap... no sod it. I'll remember.

The dog is licking my ankle.

What can I actually do in 12 minutes that I normally do on a morning? I must time myself tomorrow. No. 6

My breathing rhythm has changed to: breath - shut up - breath - shut up. That silent chant is working.


I need to make sure I've not had a glass of wine when I do my Facebook admin, so I don't go over the top.

Ooh, there's my alarm. Boosh. I better write all those down in an email and send them to myself to remind me to get them completed. I also add that I need to remember to respond to last night's whatsapps. Shit. One was about my friends birthday, add getting her present to the list.

I guess it takes practise, but I do love compiling a good list. I'm also impressed I managed it without the kids popping in. That also brings a sense of calm and achievement. So I do feel more positive about the day. Am I doing it right?



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