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Getting The Best From Our Healthy Borough. I Heart Richmond...

  • Hazel Butterfield
  • 30 May 2017

Not only are there an abundance of fitness sessions and exceptionally good walks around the Thames that are ridiculously pretty but they have regular pit stops like Goucho, Steins, The White Heart and The White Swan... Which can be frequented after your Saturday Wholefood's visit ritual for your breakfast gluten free muffin pre-mix and stock up of cleanse juices. Obviously.

Getting The Best From Our Healthy Borough. I Heart Richmond...


Getting fit & staying fit

There are an abundance of free and collaborative workout sessions available. Opportunities to try something new, to get involved with the area's fabulous health orientated shops, businesses and the sessions they have to offer to get involved with the community while promoting their own brand. What's wrong with that?

The likes of Lululemon holding free running clubs on Wednesday's evenings and Yoga on Sunday mornings.

Parkrun is an excellent organisation that runs 5k runs in the area for all abilities, set in Richmond Park, Bushey Park, etc. But be warned, they are so highly attended either get there early or make your way there without your car!

There is so much to keep you busy in Richmond and the surrounding area. Even the Wildlife God that is Sir David Attenborough can't get enough. With 100's of deer on one side of you and views of the London skyline ahead of you, with lashings of celebs A-D scattered amongst the scenery like a reality show's revamp of 'Where's Wally'.



There's some pretty picturesque road running, but here you also have Richmond Park and Bushey Park that has miles of incredible routes surrounded by some of the most impressive wildlife which is only a few miles out of the city centre.


Food Glorious Food

Wholefood's regular tastings sessions, who manage to make any alcoholic beverage look healthy and a selection of wellbeing juices (actually at reasonable prices) that cover all requirements and multitude of 'diets' and the latest fad.

A vegan, organic and guilt free treat at the start of Richmond Hill is The Retreat. A cafe serving up genuinely delicious food without a mung bean in sight - ooh ooh and organic Prosecco.

But all good behaviour should be rewarded and what better way than The Bingham for treat days. For those on a budget the Market Menu has 3 courses for £20, which gives you more money to spend on the cocktails.


Garlic & Potato soup with #Pornstarmartini @thebingham #Delicious #CocktailPairing #Richmond

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Travel 5 mins to the burbs of twickenham and the quirky Arthur's restaurant that used to be a public toilet (this is not a euphemism) has recently been taking over and made into a delicious pizza and brunch venue. Regardless of the fact that they provide excellent food and a variety of bubbles, they do espresso martinis (all hail the magical espresso martini) while being situated on the picturesque Twickenham Green. The most important part of this is that you can let the little dears (kids not your Grandma) play on the green while you soak up the sunshine and contribute to the local economy. Well done you. Let's celebrate with a glass of fizz.


Ah sunshine, hello! #Pizza #Prosecco #twickenham

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