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The Best Hangover Cure is to be under the age of 25. Failing that, take heed...

  • Hazel Butterfield
  • 10 May 2016

Sometimes, they say, stick to what you know. I know a delightful amount about hangovers (through extensive research). Some people struggle more than others and have tried and tested methods. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't be open to alternatives or maybe even willing to add to your current strategy. They (don't ask me who, it was a drunken conversation) say 'sharing is caring'.

The Best Hangover Cure is to be under the age of 25. Failing that, take heed...


The best line I came across once was "People who don't drink or don't get hangovers; when they wake up, how they feel is the best they will feel all day. Nothing to look forward to."


That doesn't mean that they are a welcomed, so let's get cracking in trying to make the morning after transition into a vague semblance of compos mentis, easier. We need to be more informed.


First of all, a hangover isn't always to be tackled the morning after, there are preventative measures. Yeah yeah, I know drink less, but if you choose not to adopt that route..

- Drink the same drink throughout the night if you can.
- If not, try and at least neck a few glasses of water throughout the night. Hydration helps.
- Do the opposite of 'eating is cheating'.


The main task in hand is to hydrate, good old water is great, but coconut water and sports drinks are rich in electrolytes which require replenishing after a binge to restore a balance in your system.

WARNING: if you know you are going to vomit, be careful as this will make it very splatty.


Ginger works a treat, ale, biscuits or in a smoothie. Or if you're hardcore, a Moscow Mule. - Which brings us nicely round to hair of the dog, congrats if that works for you.

Then the hangover guilt sets in from all the abuse to your poor liver and digestive system. Once you've consumed your body weight in carbs, eaten hula hoops and a dairylea dunker for breakfast, followed by KFC and a sneaky full fat coke; it's time to replenish your system.

A hangover's effects can be drawn out for days, so the sooner the better. If you feel like you are being good, hopefully the PMA will take over. Mind over matter. The liver and gut will be appreciative with the intake of these little gems:

Grapefruit - They are an antioxidant and cleanse the liver. Marvellous.
Lemon & Limes - High in Vitamin C and aids synthesizing toxic materials in the liver into more absorbent substances, ergo flushed out. Lush.
Green tea - (Admittedly the last thing I can stomach at the best of times) A great antioxidant all the same.
Carrots and beetroot - Both are extremely high in plant-flavonoids and beta-carotene, blah blah, good for you as they can help both stimulate and improve overall liver function. My go-to snack is cottage cheese and beetroot, add in some beef hula hoops for a slutty edge.
Avocado A good fat, not like bacon fat.
Greens, brocolli, kale, cabbage, all of that variety - For the same reasons it's taking over every smoothie sold and littering most Wholefood's shelves, it cleans you out.

Alternatively try these:

*Skinny Grapefruit Margarita 
*Champagne Blueberry Mojito http://domesticate-me.com/blueberry-mojito-royale/
*Hendricks with Cucumber, Ginger & Lime.

Potentially counterproductive, but I do appreciate multi-tasking. There's enough on there, so if you can't stand one, there must be at least a few you can utilise.


Sleep if you can (I know this isn't rocket science), exercise speeds up metabolising booze, just remember to hydrate even more. NOTE - if in a gym, your sweat will quite likely smell of the night before's poison.


Finally, ignore it or distract yourself. If you have to work, try telling yourself how amazing you feel and keep busy - block any thoughts of the previous night's memories until you are equipped to deal with them. Beating yourself up for having a hangover will only make it worse. Alternatively, giving yourself time to rest and recover is the nicest way to make it go away, so take advantage of your 'free' day by catching up on your favourite series, watch a film, I would also say read a book but that may involve too much concentration. You may not think best with a 'morning after illness' or wine flu etc, so make a plan beforehand in preparation.

You are welcome.


Always try and style it out.

Always try and style it out.