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The best series' ever.... Well, as far as I'm concerned.

  • Hazel Butterfield
  • 13 February 2016

They are a talking point among friends, dominate social media #Netflix&chill and are responsible for hours of lost afternoons and serve as hangover fodder. They create such an enthusiastic passion in people and now, none of that waiting next week to see what happens in Desperate Housewives (or on occasion being able to watch E4 for the next one). Now we can watch the whole season as and when we choose. It's convenient, addictive and fits in with our impatient need to not wait a whole week for another measly hour. WTF, that is soooo 2012. So here are my top 5. Agree, disagree or maybe you're not even reading this properly because your watching Making A Murderer... Oh crap, let's make it my top 6.

The best series' ever.... Well, as far as I'm concerned.

Here goes..

Breaking bad. Basically this was like Catnip. I embarked on this when all the series' had finished and yet there was still a lot of hype. I devoured it. 3 hours in the evening, stopping and starting it while having a bath, cleaning, cooking, anything. This one has to be the ultimate for me and unlike certain other successful series' (ahem, Lost), it also had a cracking ending. The boyf wears the Los Pollos Hermanos restaurant t-shirt and I bought the 'Breaking Bath' bath salts.

Orange Is The New Black #Oitnb #sorrynotsorry. This one is a bit like marmite and from what I can gather is more popular among the girls. It's basically a bunch of lesbians getting freaky and kicking the shit out of each other. But it is bat shit crazy, funny and riddled with amazing strong female characters. The last series that was released I completed in 5 days. Yes, I do have a life, but I was determined. In anticipation for the next series I'm getting in the mood by wearing lots of orange.


The Affair, I've just watched the final episode in series 2 and I know there is another series to come in the not so distant future (thank god considering the way they ended it). Without ruining it for you with what happens, what makes this so brilliant in my view is the way they tell the story from each other's perspectives, their recollection of events. This is what I find interesting. Same days and events from a recollection based on a different position, a different person. People aren't necessarily wrong about what happened, it just shows that events can have different meaning to some people and the resonance of how unpredictable life can be. They had the same day played out by 2 halves of a relationship (as well as other members of the cast) and their recollection of the same event involved different decor, different clothing, 6 hours difference between conversations took place and the tone used. I find memory fascinating anyway but this just highlighted how open to suggestion identical events are. Loved it. Although after the finale of series 2 both myself and 'him indoors' had crazy dreams. Hurry up with S3!


Parks and Recreation - written, produced by and starring Amy Poehler. I have a little bit of a girl crush on her. I'll be honest, I tried this a year or so ago and didn't get it, so I quit after 2 episodes. Then I read her book and the books of some of her friends that also appear alongside her and felt compelled to watch it again. It's just sweet and made me smile, bloody funny and the characters are written so well. But I've completed the whole lot now and I felt a tad bereft after it ended. I hugely recommend it.


House of cards with Kevin Spacey. Now he is a bloke I would like to 'go out to dinner with'. Even though I often couldn't keep up with the political side of what was going on, I understood enough to be hooked. Only Kev Spacey (I'm pretending we're friends) can make such a wrong 'un so captivating. It's clever, it's shocking, never has it been predictable and you kind of feel it's not that far fetched. Sheer brilliance.


Making A Murderer. This has been causing such a stir that even back in January, I think it was the 29th, this series sparked an uproar and rally in Manitowac, the town where this was all based. It is a true story, it isn't fabricated or constructed for that wow factor. This is the shocking part of all of this AND it's still going on. Steven Avery is still in prison and due to this documentary that has only served to increase awareness to what is quite obviously a corrupt system, the conspiracy theories rave on. It's so involving. The incredulity that this is current and not just in relation to his original injustice 23 years ago. But it's riddled with conflict


I tried Suits, liked it but not crazy about it. Luther, I will probably give it a whirl if I'm bored. The Hunger Games I'll do grudgingly when everything else has been watched and what else have I missed?

Bring on The Good Wife.