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Top 10 Christmas Movies - In my opinion. 2015

  • Hazel Butterfield
  • 20 December 2015

Every Christmas Eve in the Butterfield household we have a movie and luscious food night with one of my best friends and her bloke. We then get a tad tipsy and stage a Santa break in for the kids. Dress up, take photos of catching him in the act nicking a shot of baileys, eating his treats left out by the kids, using the loo etc.. Then excitedly show the kids in the morning. It's a tradition, it works for us and we like it. A week before we democratically decide on the chosen movie, last year was The Holiday, this year we are still amidst our selection process.

Top 10 Christmas Movies - In my opinion. 2015


Currently we have narrowed it down to:
Love Actually
Die Hard
101 Reykjavik (Yes really)

What makes a great Christmas movie for me is a compilation of the feel good factor, nostalgia, fun, cheese, tradition and the lack of predictability.

My Top 10 - based on the above and my recent requirement to assess and offer up an informed contender for Christmas Eve...

1. Elf (obviously)
2. Gremlins
3. Die Hard (I'm hoping this one wins this year's vote)
4. Bad Santa
5. Home Alone 1 & 2 (I pretend any after these do not exist)
6. Fred Claus
7. Love Actually
8. Arthur Christmas
9. It's A Wonderful Life
10. The Holiday

If you come across a movie called 'Shelby' about a Beagle, stay well clear. Do anything else, sleep, drink, clean, watch paint dry, anything...

Here's hoping for a snow day or more realistically, a wet day. My pedometer is not going to like the next week or so.

Merry Christmas!