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So as the end of the year draws near its time for me to reflect on the best parts of 2015...

  • Hazel Butterfield
  • 18 December 2015

This year has been crazy in so many different ways. There are the obvious atrocities, but the strength of anyone and any community is the ability to see what is good and positive rather than dwelling on pessimism. A year can fly by and it's nice to have a good old reflect on the craziness that can be life. So here it is, the highlights according to me. Sharing is caring.

So as the end of the year draws near its time for me to reflect on the best parts of 2015...

1. Obviously in January, kicking of my Radio show at Radio FM1FM. I love it, the team are great, the station is getting stronger and stronger, but most importantly I really enjoy how the listeners get involved on each show.

2. Kanye declaring he's running for the US presidency. That guy just cracks me up. We all need a bit of ridiculousness in our lives.

3. My son doing his first proper charity event, raising loads of dosh and beating me to the finish line. Such a trooper. NSPCC you are amazing.

4. Meeting some cracking people at the Blues on The Farm Festival. Bring on next year and the 25th Anniversary. A special mention to a few of my favs, Kaz Hawkins, The Jive Aces, Jo Harman. Amazing.

5. The random kindness that was a very generous donation on one of my shows when a lady got in touch with the details of her fundraising campaign for her Nephew who needed orthoses and her target was £2000. One delicious (& anonymous) listener donated £1500 straight away. She was obviously thrilled and it's also nice to see such selflessness. I was thrilled to be a part of, if only in a small way, the success of a great campaign.

6. James Corden takes over the Late Late Show and I've not yet seen a bad episode. He has done us Brits proud. Kudos 'Smithy'. Is there anything he can't do?

7. Reaching the Back To The Future 'Future' date. 21/10/2015. It was fun, a blast from the past, silly and a great excuse for Keith Lemon to do his stupidly fun spin off. 

8. Doctor Foster, I have gone through a divorce and they nailed this. If you haven't seen this - you need to.

9.  Food + Pinterest = Heaven. Whether you're still in the dark ages (2014) with your avocado obsession or onboard with the latest superfood, you can find any inspiration on Pinterest. I cannot believe it took me until 2015 to immerse myself in its brilliance.

10. Being constantly and happily reminded of the importance of having a good friend(s).

11. Receiving an award for my excellent contribution as the no.1 TV chat show host for my hard hitting sarcasm, my indecisive Northern/Southern accent and charity abseil down the Shard. Oh wait - that's for next year's list...

Have a good old think about what has tickled you pink this year. Let me know and I'll get them listed on here too!

Have a Happy New Year!! X