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It's Hangover season, let's get this wrapped up. Hints, tips, ideas and mind trickery.

  • Hazel Butterfield
  • 02 December 2015

I have undertaken rigorous research, especially for you, to make sure you have the knowledge and ideas to to utilise as and when required over this particularly deliciously drunken season.

It's Hangover season, let's get this wrapped up. Hints, tips, ideas and mind trickery.

There is that amazing piece of advice that says if you drink a glass of water for every alcoholic drink you have you will stay hydrated and lessen a hangover dramatically. It's also dull as hell and not particularly conducive on a carefree fun night out out. It's very hard to pay £15 for a cocktail when the flavour is constantly weakened by bloody H20. If anything at least sneak a couple maybe on the way to the loo and make sure you have bottles of water in situ by your bed.

There is also this bizarre advice that says drink less and you will have less of a hangover. Say what?!

Let's get some proper tips that can be put conceivably in to action.

There is some truth in sticking to lighter coloured drinks and better yet sticking to the same drink throughout the night. Not mixing definitely helps. Saying that, having 3.2 bottles of prosecco (& prosecco only) will not mean you are bright eyed and bushy tailed the next day. But invariably you will feel better than if you had 2.2 bottles of fizz and 1 bottle of red.

Take a multivitamin the minute you awake from you beauty sleep.

Carb up, simple bland food that increase your blood sugars without sending your stomach in to a bit of a tizz. Then neck a smoothie to gain vitamins and also make you feel that you are being nice to your body and therefore eases the guilt of the previous night's torture. My favourite cure that *always settles my stomach is beetroot, low fat cottage cheese and a coleslaw sandwich on slutty white bread. Washed down with Appletise or Coke. Don't judge me. When I'm feeling proactive I go for the Naked Antioxidant green smoothie and try and flush my system.

There are 2 major routes I use during a hangover, the route I choose is dependant on requirements of me when in such a predicament.

1. Hide in my room, eat dairylea Dunkers and Fanta. Drag my sorry bottom out of bed 3-4pm dependant on the severity then watch The Big Bang Theory until I can invest more substantial food - invariably a Pizza Hut delivery.

2. Pretend I did something incredible the night before that rendered me untouchable by a hangover, then proceed as if all is ok. You cannot admit any pain or misery to others or yourself otherwise the method is a failure. Even if you accidentally throw up, it's because you must be coming down with a tummy bug. Empower yourself by convincing your still slightly drunken mind that you are invincible.

Also a word of advice - please please please remember that if you're getting in a car the next morning not only may you be over the limit which is unsafe, the police always ramp up their random checks in the mornings leading up to Christmas. If you do anything, make a good plan for the next day to ensure you don't need to be out in a situation where you need to drive.

Have a delicious Christmas!


* Please read 'often' as more of a reality.