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How the books I'm reading are shaping my life and path

  • Hazel Butterfield
  • 16 June 2020

I’ve had to be very careful as to which books I have read during lockdown to compliment the ebb and flow of lockdown anxiety and controlling stress levels. Variety is good, so is understanding what your needs are. Hopefully there’s something for everyone in the latest selection of book reviews.

How the books I'm reading are shaping my life and path


Distraction. Entertained. Empowered.  


A Wedding at the Beach Hut - Veronica Henry

The epitome of a beach read, and not just due to the location. How Veronica Henry draws you into the characters and the storyline is quite magical. At one point I was hoping to find Rocky, the father of the groom on a dating app! No really. A Wedding at the Beach Hut is believable, not melodramatic, sweet and still a beautiful seaside escape. While tackling past a present secrets, broken relationships, new paths, recovering from heartache and creating a beach wedding to remember. Perfect lockdown fodder.

Now, if anyone knows a Rocky doppelgänger..?


Cows - Dawn O’Porter

Well, after ‘So lucky’ and now ‘Cows’ I am well and truly addicted to DOP. Cows is incredibly poignant, empowering, with snapshots of the reality of the world we are now living in.

Life isn’t simple, but those who dare to be different or not follow the herd are subjected to criticism, scrutiny and their motives questioned. People are threatened by what they don’t understand and those who feel threatened can behave very badly.

Don’t follow the herd. Live your life your way.

A Wash of Black - Chris McDonald

One hell of a debut. A Wash of Black is so intricate, gory, addictive and merciless. But with due respect, I too hate it when a film ruins the book. Not enough to kill admittedly, or barely even get off the sofa. Not the same for some...

What on earth will DI Erika Piper have to contend with next? If you’re a fan of Kerry Wilkinson’s ‘Jessica Daniels’ novels, this is right up your alley but with a touch more gore and a Didsbury vibe. I do love a good northern romp and I can’t wait for more.

The Life Edit - Sarah Adams

I have thoroughly enjoyed working through this book and then being able to have a good old chinwag with Sarah on my ‘Get Booked’ show afterwards. An hour just wasn’t enough!

What The Life Edit provides is a great way to gain clarity and use writing to order your thoughts, plan, improve and decipher what you really want out of life. Using comprehensive and cathartic exercises to get our creative juices flowing mixed with science and common sense. The good thing about this book is that it’s not a one time read. Our lives are always changing and we can edit at any time.


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