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Can 'mind over matter' be manipulated?

  • Hazel Butterfield
  • 15 June 2017

We can manage to convince ourselves of many things, sometimes we need it to ease our sanity and others, because ignorance is bliss. There is a notion of safety in knowledge, as is thinking we are potentially doing better then we actually are. This isn't always a bad thing. Without sounding too airy fairy, when you believe something is happening or can happen, the positivity works better than any pessimistic thoughts - our minds work better.

Can 'mind over matter' be manipulated?

To bring some more supposed clarity to my thinking; You wake up in the morning after a night 'out out', but you are feeling unbelievably ok for what you envisaged. But realistically, sticking to one type of drink helps the hangover right? Which is what you did. Ah, that explains it, bravo to me for being so sensible. This is all well and good until you try to recall the night in detail and remember the shots once the fizz ran out, this new information will undoubtedly make the stomach jump, make your body re-think how well it really is doing.

This is when we need to use manipulation, keep busy and stop thinking about it, then you will never really know. Or maybe if you can remember the random Limoncello, you may be able to recall the over exaggerated amount of water consumed. See, wouldn't that make you feel better?

One that really messes with my head is weight gain. Those days when you think there has been too large a gap in your gym visits, so you feel sluggish and a bit frumpy, and definitely not productive. Woah woah woah, wait a minute, didn't you just dance the night away for 2 hours, the quality of the dancing is irrelevant, or maybe you couldn't get to the gym because the house needed a good clean (calories burned in housework )... <insert anything physical here!>. It's all about positive attribution. As soon as you realise this, hopefully, you will appreciate what you actually have done. Ergo, happy mind.

This premise can work for you in so many ways:

* What about the end of the relationship where he/she was 'the one'.... But they were rubbish at this and they can't have been very bright if they left. Blah blah.

* Ok, that tenner that fell out if your back pocket... Yes it's annoying but it stopped you having money to hand as you passed KFC, Wholefoods, Hummingbird Bakery (whatever floats your boat). That's like going to the gym and burning 500 calories. The class is more than £10, therefore, you are actually in pocket.

And so on...

This does not mean you can just get away with living in La La Land, use this methodology with caution. You cannot deem chocolate to be healthy based on its calcium content and the cocoa bean essentially being a pulse.

It's all about justifying what it is that could potentially put your mind in a pickle. Go on, give it a go.