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TIMLCHHS - Temporary Instant Memory Loss due to Crazy Hectic Head Syndrome.

  • Hazel Butterfield
  • 16 November 2016

It's catchy isn't it? Busy lives, too much going on in the ol' noggin. One minute a genius revelation comes into your head and then 'poof' it's gone. You have an excellent point to make in regards to a conversation, correction, you 'had'. Off it goes, floating in the abyss until it decides to resurface again. Does this ring any bells?

TIMLCHHS - Temporary Instant Memory Loss due to Crazy Hectic Head Syndrome.

I was going to write this post, but then I forgot. But luckily it came back into my head while I had my phone to hand and I wasn't in the middle of something/anything else. I wrote myself the obligatory email reminding me what I needed to do, sort, think about, once I had the time.

I'm finding it increasingly hard to hold a thought for anything more than a few seconds at the most inconvenient of times.

Sometimes I start sentences with a vague recollection of my point, but I have no idea how the sentence will end. I just hope I make sense and recall my objective before I get to the end. With some of my closer friends I just admit that I've lost my way and forgotten what my 'incredible' contribution to the conversation was. I've started missing end of conversations to concentrate on my point before I forget it. Not because what I have to say is more important, it's purely down to the frustration of regularly forgetting.

To-do lists are going a step further. They're digital, exhaustive and imperative to a busy life. Keep on forgetting to order Bovril and the kids are behaving like you're refusing to feed them? Get it on the to-do list. Reminder to respond to those 3 texts from various people? On it. Ebay those dresses that you know you'll never wear again. Book that dentist check-up. Clean that weird stain off your coat that you only notice when out and about. Update your CV. Put that crappy detox tea near the kettle so you will remember to drink it. Drink the crappy tea. Book MOT!! You catch my drift.

There is so much going on that not only can you not get headspace to remember your last thought process, you also can't focus enough to brainstorm ideas. Make a plan of actions, whether it's a work related plan, a relationship issue or developing arrangements for a party/gathering. Whatever you need. Hence, why such mindfulness apps are taking over, giving us the tools to order our thoughts, be in the here and now rather than spreading ourselves throughout a variety of goings on. Personally, I find running helps. I used to hate it until I realised it was a great way to pass the time while getting fit, multitasking. By the time I've run 5K, my next blog structure is done, I've rationalised an argument in my head, thought of an excellent Christmas present idea for man-thing and not had time to realise just how bad I am at running. Obviously, what is key here is making sure that what I do arrange in my head is remembered once my run is complete. But generally, the theory is, that with running you get headspace and therefore can focus your thoughts rather than flitting from task to task. No emails to deal with, kids interrupting, dodgy looks from that weirdo in the corner of your office, housework, whatever.

As for people's names, OMFG, it's instantaneous. I try all the known methods of repeating their name after an introduction - it makes no difference. Linking them to what you can associate with their name. Where I can, I make friends with them on Facebook so I have a 'to hand' reference, but this involves being able to get to FB on my phone without being too obvious. Man-thing is aware that if I don't introduce him immediately, he is to assume that I can't remember and to make sure he introduces himself first in a non-obvious manner.

Don't get me wrong, I know most birthday of my friends and family, I can recite Pretty Woman from start to finish, I know many mobile numbers off by heart (I know, how retro) and I can tell you how many times I've emptied the dishwasher vs man-thing in the last week. Generally in many areas, I do have a good memory.


If this is you, you are not alone. I honestly think this is quite a common occurrence. If you can't remember the name of that lady you've been talking to at the school gates for the last year, regularly forget where your conversation was going or feel ridiculous for sending yourself a reminder to change a lightbulb. Own it, own up and just take it in your stride. Chances are it will make you easier to chat to and make your friends feel at ease knowing they're not going doolally. Let's be as mad as a box of frogs together.



Next, I'll write a post about how on Monday mornings, grammar and word order is thrown out of the window until lunchtime and all the dust settles...

Perhaps try a bit of Mindfullness