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Things I've learnt this week... Life lessons from me - read at your peril.

  • Hazel Butterfield
  • 31 May 2016

Sometimes you have one of those weeks that appear to go past uneventful. That is not always a bad thing. But then, you have those weeks that serve to be a reminder, that open your mind to brilliance and coherent thinking (sort of).

Things I've learnt this week... Life lessons from me - read at your peril.

If you get to a stage where you're no longer learning anything... How dull would that be?


Firstly, remember you're human. An unflawed individual is very dull Indeed. Perfection does not makes you more approachable. Trust me, I know (ha ha ha).


Passion, arrogance and aggression can all be confused for each other.


You only know something is impossible once you've tried.


Take every opportunity. You will feel better for trying.


Anxiety is a bugger and creeps up on you. Try and recognise the signs and do what is right for you to make you feel happy. Do certain people make you anxious? Find time to speak to them when you have time to 'wind down', have a 'get out'. Similarly, address when you may need to be more organised, or when to say 'no'. Plan ahead.

I also now realise I can't change the way my son insists on saying chewbacca and now I've accepted it, it actually makes me giggle. His chewbacca rhymes with Sue Barker.


I like to plays devil's advocate and challenge thought processes. Not to be awkward but to offer different views. And maybe have a bit of fun!! I also know that I do 'feign' being awkward to gage people's sense of humour. Life can't always be taken that seriously.


Crazy people, generally enlighten people's day.


A cracking line I read in a recent article about Cyndi Lauper who said - "disappointments make success all the sweeter". I love this. Embrace everything for what it can be.


If in doubt, you can always turn to Modern family's Phil Dunphy for philosophy, he never disappoints.
"Success is one percent inspiration, ninety eight perspiration and two percent attention to detail".
Or -
Always look people in the eye, even if they are blind. Just say “I´m looking you in the eye”.
(I hope any blind person reading this is not offended).


On a different note, but still just as 'handy' to know. Buy hand wipes and give everything a doing-over. Handbag, phone, iPad, glasses (inc. sunglasses). Anything that is a breeding ground for bacteria and grime which then can encourage spots.


Since the last time, What I've learnt since I turned 30.


Maybe I don't learn often enough...