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To Bee or not to Bee? Spoiler Alert - It's 'to Bee'.

  • Hazel Butterfield
  • 16 August 2016

A day celebrating the natural wonder that is the honey bee and their nectar (20th August) is almost here. They are an endangered species and we need bee (sorry) well informed, this is how and why you should get on board...

To Bee or not to Bee? Spoiler Alert - It's 'to Bee'.


Why do bees matter?

Source - WFM.com

Source - WFM.com


I was in Morocco not so long back and went to a honey farm in the Atlas Mountains. Now, I've always appreciated honey, but was never a great user of it. But when I tried this honey, which was incredible, I was sold. All they did was provide crusty bread to give it a try and it was delish, it's such a simple dish but it just works. A crisp white wine in a garden with friends, add a dollop of any kind of crusty bread and honey put in a funky little ramekin. It's so simple.

If you're wanting something more, what about these beauties for the BBQ:

Honey & Beer Chicken Skewers


I did actually put some in to one of my homemade body scrubs as well. Especially great if you get dry skin.


The benefits of honey are fabulously endless, check these out:

* It alleviates allergies. As hayfever continues to get worse each time around, studies have shown that eating local honey can boost your immunity to pollen. Definitely a better alternative to popping antihistamines every day.

* Can be used against insomnia. Honey is rich in a property called 'Tryptophan', which scientists say is a rich nutrient required to stimulate the hormone that promotes relaxation and signals the brain to fall asleep.

* It boosts memory. I didn't know this but evidently, there is enough research to suggest that minor memory issues can be improved by taking honey. It's partially to do with the aforementioned insomnia, if you're getting your sleep you function better. As does sugar give you more energy and people don't take Red Bull during their exams for nothing, this is just a healthier method! Taking honey before bed also helps with your metabolism and fuels the brain, helping it preserve memories more thoroughly. I wonder if this works when on a night 'out out'? Hypothesis: Consuming copious amounts of Cucumbertinis vs Prosecco on a night will boost my recollection of the night, the morning after. Watch the this space.

* Honey is a cough suppressant, not to mention a great cold treatment too. Hot water with honey and lemon, magic, it'll sort out your cough and start you on a detox. Double whammy.

* Treats dandruff. Without sounding to gross, many forms of dandruff and dermatitis are fungal based and our wonder substance is also an anti-fungal treatment.

* It's an all natural energy drink without the copious amounts of sugar in its fizzy alternatives.

And if that wasn't enough;
* Next time you hurt yourself, try putting honey on your injuries. It can stop infections and heal small wounds and burns, also helping with reducing any scarring.

How can you help?
Adopt a beehive...

Not only are you helping our fuzzy trendy friends, you get a starter pack full of excellent gifts, from a pot of raw honey to Burt's Bees Lip Balm. You're virtually saving money...


This one is one of my favourites if you not ready to spend £10+ yet on your honey.


Now, if you're like me and you like to mix your health kicks with pleasure, how about a Cucumbertini - Tequila, cucumber, ginger beer, honey, apple juice and celery to garnish.
It's like a dirty detox.

Also, we can't forget Mead, an alcoholic drink of fermented honey and water. Similar to wine and regularly stocked in your posh garden centre's food section.


Joke Alert!
Ahem... What do you call a wasp?
A wanna-bee.

Go on, give Bee's a chance.


If you want to find out more, this is an excellent resource: