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Sprouts - The 'New' cool Superfood.

  • Hazel Butterfield
  • 24 November 2015

Sprouts sprouts good for your heart, the more you eat, the more you.... The humble #brusselsprout is becoming less of a necessary tradition and more of an instagrammable - dare I say - fashion #eatclean veg. Up there with its has-been sister 'kale'.

Sprouts - The 'New' cool Superfood.

I've never had a problem with sprouts, I eat them at Christmas and pretty much enjoy it. Then leave them for a year. But alas, this is changing - just check out Pinterest.

Only last month I was in LA in the uber trendy Malibu Cafe and there it was Balsamic Parmesan & Truffle Sprouts. Ah go on. They were most agreeable.

It turns out we've been boiling the buggers and ruining this tasty, ahem, 'treat'. Cut them in half and quick fry then pimp them up with whatever you fancy, pancetta, pomegranate, cranberries, almonds, coconut oil (ok I'll stop), make 'em crispy and serve with Alioli. The Doritas and salsa can be put away.

It is Christmas after all.

Grow your own Sprouts

Why do Brussels sprouts smell? Well, first of all, they tend to only get really whifft when overcooked. The smell is associated with glucosinolate sinigrin, an organic compound that contains sulfur: hence the odour. It also happens to be responsible for the cancer-fighting characteristics of Brussels sprouts.